Hayes takes her coffee black, just like I do. I'm guessing that's where our similarities begin and end. I should have pulled down a different mugI think, watching as she rubs a well manicured thumb over a chip in the green ceramic mug she's drinking from.

It's not like we don't have others. I'm being dumb. She's sitting in a rundown house in the bad part of town; I doubt she's thinking about the coffee cup. No, if she's going to steal Diana away she'll have bigger ammo than that. We sit around my kitchen table.

Diana sits so close to me she might as well be in my lap: Underneath the table, her hand clutches mine. So far we've only made small talk with her mom, but like me Diana knows her mother didn't show up to wish us well and deliver a housewarming present. It's just a matter of time. I glance over at her, surprised.

She broke much sooner than I thought she would. If I'd burst into tears every time my parents said my name in a tone of mild disappointment… I choke back a laugh. Belatedly I realize I ought to put an arm around her or something, so I do that. She sniffles and burrows her head into my shoulder.

I think maybe I'm beginning to get what prompted Mrs. Hayes' unexpected visit this morning. Come home, Diana. Your father and I, and youcan all figure this thing out together. Diana glances over at me, mystified, before turning all that confusion towards her mother. Why would I get married-".

Hayes might not be here to argue with me, but she isn't opposed to giving me a hate-filled glare. She did. I wait for Diana to deny it, but she doesn't. Diana straightens. She's stopped crying, but her face is still red and puffy.

Why is it okay for me to have a baby out of wedlock, but not to be a lawyer? That's ridiculous! I mean, becoming a lawyer doesn't even bother you and Daddy-". Mom, I'm not pregnant. She's still angry, and while I guess she might have a point I'm more than a little relieved to have Mrs. Hayes' eyes off of me.

the outsiders fanfiction ponyboy secret boyfriend

The chipped coffee mug hits my kitchen table with a decided thud. My ears burn and I wish I could be somewhere- anywhere - else right about now. Hayes is pretty red faced too, and hey, maybe we've got something else in common.

Diana sits up a little straighter, more confident now that she's in the right. I can't help but cringe at her rudeness.

Maybe it's just me that registers the hurt in her mother's eyes. Or maybe not.Any questions you have about the history of this can be found in my first story of, as i call them, the Happy Trio. I got the name from the book Boy Toy by Barry Lyga. If you read the book you know what i am talking about. Any questions not answered i can answer as long as you ask. I have all this work to finish" Pony said with a sigh, turning to the books across the bed.

Unlike many people know, Johnny was sex addicted, horny, all about sex person. He was naughty, dirty, and obsessed.

Abstinance was not something he did well. A week without sex was pure tourture for the teen. He licked his lips before covering Pony's with his. Then i have work to do" Pony piled up all his textbooks and set them aside. Dally jumped happily and grabbed his boyfriends hands'. Dally, Johnny, and Pony had been dating for aproximately two weeks now. Pony refused sex or any real sexual acts, blaming school taking up his time.

Dally and Johnny were persistant to make him have sex with them.

the outsiders fanfiction ponyboy secret boyfriend

It was needed in a relationship with the two. So they devised a master plan to destress the teen and get him laid. The house looked crowded but not enough to stop the trio from finding a spot to sit.

Dally sat on the couch, Johnny perched on the arm, Pony pulled onto Dally's lap. One person calls it, if they guess wrong they pass the cion to the left, and take a shot or take off a piece of clothing. If they guess right they pass the coin right" Steve said with a sigh.

He passed it to Curly.

Curly tossed it with less fenece as his brother, calling 'tails'. Two-bit watched it go heads. Curly offered his hand as the bottle was put in it. He took a big sip, handing it back.

the outsiders fanfiction ponyboy secret boyfriend

Pony was without a shirt, Johny discarded a jacket, Steve pantsless. Curly had taken off his jacket, shirt. They were still very very pissed. Pony seemed to need to stare at Two-bit as he handed thier third bottle to Tim, who offered it to Johnny. They werent playing the game anymore. Just drinking, and saying things that would never make sense.

Pony watched his friends, smelling the slight scent of Dallas's aftershave. Steve was looking for his pants with two-bits help.

Soda was gone, probably to bed. Steve and two-bit looked up to hear Ponyboy's problem. Dally smiles like a lion that got his prey, Johnny smiling like the lions mate. Pony pulls Johnny down for a kiss, leaving Dally to watch.

The blonde gets impossibly hard at seeing his boyfriends kiss. Everyone knew Dally was a perfect lover, knowing just what do to, even to please both his boyfriends.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.

Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. It seemed like Ponyboy always walked in at the wrong time. One day, while at school, he gets dragged into a Soc's excuse to softly break up with his girlfriend.

That excuse: the Soc was in a gay relationship with Ponyboy. However, news travels fast as soon the entire school learns about them and they are forced to continue in the act. It was supposed to be for a month or two before they broke it off and went back to their own lives, but they didn't take into account that they would fall for each other. Just a fic about Johnny and Dally falling in love, taking forever to admit it, then facing the struggles of being two gay men in the s.

He bites his lip. Stiffens, straightens his posture. Clears his throat. This fic has been a long time coming. Johnny Cade doesn't like to remember his past, and he especially doesn't like to think about Dallas Winston. But there's something about almost getting married that makes him buy a plane ticket to New York.

It all panned out slowly, like a scary movie. Like that moment when the character is holding their breath, inching towards a closed door. And maybe they already know something rotten is waiting for them, but they open the damn thing anyways. They realize too late what an idiot they've been. And I realized too late that Dallas can fall in love. The RMS Titanic has set sail, and aboard are those of great importance to society, as well as those who are not.

This strange and colorful cast of characters have made me royally screw up the stories from which they come, and they interact with each other as best as they can until disaster strikes Ponyboy is as normal as it gets. He's a freshman in high school.

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He does track. He's a greaser. The rest of the gang? Totally normal too if you ignore the fangs and the fur and the heightened senses.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.

Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. A superhero mission for Billy and Freddy doesn't go exactly as planned, and an unexpected encounter makes Billy realize what he has with Freddy.

The Curtis' have a sister.

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But wait But because she's the only girl in the gang, not everyone likes her cause they don't know how to handle girls. Warnings: Triggers.

Ponyboy is an ass in the beginning Everyone is towards Sara, but Pony more so. Drug abuse. Forced drug abuse. If more warnings come up i'll put them at the beginning of each chapter. Please feel free to leave me messages with suggestions of things to write about.

I suck at summaries so I'm not even gonna try and make a good one but basically Steve loves Sodapop and this whole thing is super cheesy but hey I tried. Ponyboy remembers his past lover Johnny Cade. He especially remembers the pain of losing him.

Will Ponyboy find a way to deal with his loss? Or will the pain be too much to bare? Ponyboy starts hanging out with Curly again. He knows he's trouble, but he just can't seem to stay away. When johnny then Dallas died the gang started to split apart desperate to bring them back and save the group pony makes some bad decisions.

One morning I woke up earlier than usual. Johnny and I slept huddled together for warmth Dally had been right when he said it would get cold where we were going.

Ponyboy helps Soda pack Sandy's stuff up after she leaves, and he finds a bottle of yellow nail polish. In a different life, Johnny and Ponyboy bury a body, debate moral philosophy, and confront their feelings for each other. I'm not a greaser.Summary: In Tulsa you see everything, boys with boys, girls with girls, that one boy who is convinced he is a girl named Lyssie.

Any sexuality is alright. In the Curtis house the same rules apply, almost. Steve played with the ring on his finger, absently. He waited for Soda to finish cleaning up, as he demanded he do everyday for closing. He folded it up as Soda handed him his. He folded the younger boy's shirt too, placing it in the backseat of the truck.

Ponyboy ran into the room, hearing his older brother's voice. Steve's gaze was fixed on the youngest Greaser of the gang. Soda's lips curled into a smile as he planned the next conversation with Steve the next day at work. Everyone has something but you. Pony smiled, and picked up his book and started to read.

the outsiders fanfiction ponyboy secret boyfriend

A reason y'all broke up? I am so sorry. The way he is able to see the good in everything. How he was able to take the beating at the rumble. How he kept positive with the stuff with Johnny. How he helped Johnny when he needed it. How he still is always there for his friend.

With out Pony, Johnny probably wouldn't have had the emotional strenght to make it back. He makes me smile when he's around. Just thinking about him makes this feeling in my stomach go all wacky.

They went back to the Curtis' house later that night. Steve hoped that Soda had forgotten the information reeled to him that day. Unfortunately, he didn't. Steve remembered the knife in his hand and went quickly into the room, grabbing the paper towels skillfully.

Soda gripped his brother's arm as he watched Steve. Steve tsk ed Pony and offered his hand. Pony looked at the teen and gave it to him. Steve licked the paper towel and pressed it to the bleeding wound. Steve used a cup of water on the table to wet another square and wiped the other hand clean.

The boy runs into the bathroom, movement of boxes could be heard from the living room. Steve wiped all the excess blood away from the wound, as Soda handed him a large-ish Band-Aid with a smile on his face. Darry was still rooted in his spot watching Steve care for his kid brother.

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Darry expected some line like 'You're 15, and you can't cut an apple?I write imagines, preferences, head canons, ships, etc, for The Outsiders fandom. Currently, all requests are shut. Darry strode over to the door, wondering who the heck could be on the other side of the door, in all this time he forget he even had a doorbell. He was so used to people entering his house unannounced.

He opened the door, definitely not expecting a police officer to be on the other side with a swaying Ponyboy in his hands. He trailed a hand through his hair in exasperation as he kicked his porch. Your momma and daddy must be so proud of you. Hey do me a favour, Darry? And then what, huh? Your stupid decision have consequences on all of us too. Paper theme built by Brickspace Lab. The Outsiders Imagines. The outsiders the outsiders imagines the outsiders fanfiction the outsiders fanfictions the outsiders preferences the outsiders imagine the outsiders head canon the outsiders moments darry curtis imagine darry curtis darry curtis fanfiction darry curtis fanfictions darry curtis preference darry curtis preferences ponyboy curtis imagines ponyboy curtis imagine ponyboy curtis fanfiction ponyboy curtis fanfictions ponyboy curtis sodapop curtis fanfiction sodapop curtis fanfictions sodapop curtis imagine sodapop curtis imagines.

Home Archive Requests are closed. Recent Post Read more.Everyone, I thought of this while reading a book that's required for us to read at school, it's called The Abuser's Wife. Has anyone ever read that? If, not, then I feel fucking alone. Well, anyway. I got this idea for The Outsiders, and thought it would be neat if I could write a story like this.

I came out of the closet when I was in tenth grade. I came out when I realized I had a "thing" for a lovely new boy in our class. His name was Shawn Williams.

He was a nice boy, loved: art, poetry, movies and sunsets.

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Like me. We met at fourth hour. We were taking a test in Mrs. Bova's class when the door opened. The class turned to see a boy with a bookbag and a school schedule. I was amazed to see how cute he looked. He had hazel eyes. Blonde hair, kind of like Soda's but darker.


He wore nor greaser or soc clothing. Just a nice T-shirt and some expensive pants. I've never seen such beauty on a guy, usually the guys look all the same. Class this is Shawn Williams, he just moved here from I almost had a bonor when I heard that voice.

I started to feel weird, all these images went threw my head. I wanted to kiss him, bad. Bova went back to her desk to find a spare test.

I looked up and nodded.

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