After Rocky goes the distance with Apollo Creed, he returns to his everyday life. He retires from boxing, marries Adrian, but had trouble finding a real job. Meanwhile, Apollo Creed loses the respect of the boxing world for not beating an amateur like Rocky, and dismisses the fight as a fluke, challenging Rocky to a rematch. Adrian disapproves of Rocky fighting again, but when she falls into a coma giving birth, she inspires Rocky. Rocky trains again, and defeats Creed in the final round, becoming Champion of the World.

Continuity mistake : When Apollo Creed is approaching the ring for the rematch at the end of the film, his robe starts off done-up, next shot shows it undone and the towel around his neck loose, and then in the last shot it's back to being neat again with the robe done up.

Even when he enters the ring it's all neat and tidy. DVDs can be longer or shorter under different countries' TV systems. Please try one of these times:. Rocky Balboa : I just got one thing to say Trivia : An estimated children from a local school were used as extras for the scene in which Rocky runs through Philadelphia. Separate from membershipthis is to get updates about mistakes in recent releases. Addresses are not passed on to any third party, and are used solely for direct communication from this site.

You can unsubscribe at any time. When Apollo Creed is approaching the ring for the rematch at the end of the film, his robe starts off done-up, next shot shows it undone and the towel around his neck loose, and then in the last shot it's back to being neat again with the robe done up.

An estimated children from a local school were used as extras for the scene in which Rocky runs through Philadelphia. To know when people like your submissions, answer your questions, reply to you, etc. Most mistakes of Best movie quotes Mistakes in current releases Movie quotes Movie trivia Oscar nominees Most mistake-prone directors Plot summaries and movie spoilers Random movie.

More for Rocky II. X Join the mailing list Separate from membershipthis is to get updates about mistakes in recent releases. Mistakes When Apollo Creed is approaching the ring for the rematch at the end of the film, his robe starts off done-up, next shot shows it undone and the towel around his neck loose, and then in the last shot it's back to being neat again with the robe done up.

Quotes Rocky Balboa : I just got one thing to say Trivia An estimated children from a local school were used as extras for the scene in which Rocky runs through Philadelphia. Pictures MoreRocky struggles in family life after his bout with Apollo Creed, while the embarrassed champ insistently goads him to accept a challenge for a rematch. For an enhanced browsing experience, get the IMDb app on your smartphone or tablet. Get the IMDb app. Gazo : How's about investing in condominiums?

It's safe. Rocky Balboa : Condominiums? Gazo : Yeah, condominiums. Rocky Balboa : I never use 'em. When he stands up in rage, he has both socks on. Only in the film was released uncut with the missing scenes in English with German subtitles.

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rocky 2 summary

Added to Watchlist. Talia Shire. Burt Young. Carl Weathers. Burgess Meredith. Tony Burton.

Rocky (series)

Joe Spinell. Leonard Gaines.

rocky 2 summary

Sylvia Meals. Frank McRae. Al Silvani. John Pleshette.

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Stu Nahan. Bill Baldwin. Jerry Ziesmer. Director: Sylvester Stallone. Writer: Sylvester Stallone. Facebook Twitter E-mail. I'm old enough to remember the thrill of seeing each of the "Rocky" films during their original, theatrical runs. The magical component that Stallone achieved was to tell nearly the exact same story, twice in a row, with the same characters It's truly a remarkable feat. We've already met all the characters.JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser.

For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. A few days before Thanksgiving inRocky Balboa fights a man in a tiny gym's boxing ring. At first it's not looking good for Balboa, but when his opponent headbutts him, Rocky beats him down to the mat.

Here's a tip if you find yourself in the ring with Rocky: don't mess with his face. He's very proud of that nose. Rocky wins a whopping forty bucks. When he isn't collecting debts or bruising faces, Rocky is trying to charm Adrian, the clerk at the local pet store. She's the sister of Rocky's best friend, Paulie, who works at the local slaughterhouse. After multiple failed attempts, Rocky finally succeeds on getting a date with Adrian on Thanksgiving night.

The two are the only ones at the local skating rink after Rocky bribes the owner with ten bucks. Adrian wants to know why Rocky boxes. He says it's because he's a "bum" and a "moron.

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Seriously: our humble Shmoopinion is that this is the best couple in movie history. Rocky soon has an opportunity to prove to himself that he isn't a bum, after all.

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Heavyweight champion of the world, Apollo Creed, needs a new challenger. Creed has flair, and he wants the fight to be a spectacle. So he chooses Rocky Balboa, the Italian Stallion, knowing what good publicity it will be when he gives a local Philly boy a shot at the title. At first, Rocky doesn't think he's good enough to fight Creed.

But he realizes that he doesn't have to win to prove to himself that he isn't a bum. He simply has to "go the distance," which means fifteen rounds with the champ without getting knocked out.

No one has ever done that before, and Rocky is determined to be the first. He trains. He jogs up the steps of Philadelphia's Museum of Art. He punches slabs of meat in the slaughterhouse. Mickey, the owner of a local gym, becomes Rocky's trainer and manager. On New Year's Day,it's time for the fight of the century—maybe even the biggest fight in American history since the Revolutionary War. Apollo Creed enters the ring dressed as George Washington.

He has the skills to back up the showmanship, and he almost knocks Rocky out immediately. But Rocky holds on. Mickey advises him to go for Apollo's ribs, and Rocky hits him so hard, he breaks a few. Rocky also gets his precious nose broken, but he keeps his cool and doesn't let that stop him. He goes the distance with the champ. He doesn't win the fight, but he doesn't care, because he has proven his own self-worth.Actors: Sylvester Stallone. Detailed plot synopsis reviews of Rocky II Rocky is back.

Apollo, feeling that the first fight with Rocky was a fluke, challenges him to a rematch. Rocky's wife is pregnant and doesn't want him to fight, fearing that he'll be hurt. He accepts the challenge anyways and trains harder than he ever had before. During child birth Rocky's wife slips into a coma.

Box Office History for Rocky Movies

Rocky stays by his wife's side and decides not to box. When his wife wakes up she's had a change of heart and tells Rocky to win.

rocky 2 summary

The fight goes the distance and in the end Rocky throws one last punch and both men go down. The ref begins a count while the men try to get to their feet. Apollo can't get up, but Rocky gets up just in time and wins the championship belt. Click here to see the rest of this review.

The review of this Movie prepared by Brandon Swenson. A boxer trains hard to fight an opponent who wants a rematch because they lasted all the way through 15 rounds of boxing, and he wasn't satisfied without a knockout. Rocky repeatedly said that he had retired. His wife has a baby and Rocky fights to earn money for his family to have good things.

Rocky makes strong relationships with his trainers. Rocky appreciates family life and when his son is born, he is the happiest man alive. Rocky's wife doesn't like him boxing, as in the previous match in Rocky I he suffers from a wounded eye and is told if he fights again he may go blind.

Rocky refuses to accept this and the story is about determination, and strength building physically and mentally. The review of this Movie prepared by Louise. Click on a plot link to find similar books! Rocky starring Sylvester Stallone, Talia Shire.On the 40th anniversary of the original film's release, here are some heavy-hitting, high-flying facts about the Rocky series.

Bette Midler was offered the role but turned it down.

Rocky II Movie Review Summary

Carrie Snodgress had in fact won the part, until her agent asked for too much money. Talia Shire auditioned at the last minute to save the day. Director John G. Avildsen shot their rehearsals on Super 8 so that the actors could see what they were doing. Because it would've cost money to pay for extras to skate around them, Avildsen asked Stallone to change the scene so that the couple had the rink all to themselves.

Sly's brother, Frank Stallone Jr. Chaplin wrote to Stallone that Rocky reminded the silent film star of a character he used to play. He lost weight for another film; Young initially did not want to play Paulie again. Stallone wrote a line into Rocky II to address the obvious physical difference. Or his run in the sequel did, according to a calculation by Philadelphia magazine. Philly residents were divided on whether or not the statue deserved to remain at the top of the museum steps.

Rocky Mountains

The Art Commission eventually placed it on the sidewalk of the Philadelphia Spectrum sports arena. It briefly returned to the top of the steps in for Rocky Vthen back to the Spectrum untilwhen it traveled to the base of the Art Museum steps for its 30th anniversarywhere it remains. Camera, sound, and transportation equipment froze in the minusdegree weather. Had he not been sent to the ER and then intensive care for eight days, the heart would have continued to swell until he died.

Stallone cried writing the death of his iconic character. Before Rocky Balboa did it, "Smokin'" Joe Frazier ran the steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art and spent some early mornings punching meat at the slaughterhouse that employed him. Stallone was initially inspired by watching Muhammad Ali fight a major underdog fighter named Chuck Wepner inwho lost but managed to knock Ali down once in the match and became a local New Jersey hero.

Wepner sued Stallone in The two settled for an undisclosed amount. Ali, meanwhile, noted the similarities between himself and Apollo Creed. Lists Movies Pop Culture Sports. Subscribe to our Newsletter!A small-time boxer gets a supremely rare chance to fight a heavy-weight champion in a bout in which he strives to go the distance for his self-respect.

Rocky Balboa is a struggling boxer trying to make the big time, working as a debt collector for a pittance. When heavyweight champion Apollo Creed visits Philadelphia, his managers want to set up an exhibition match between Creed and a struggling boxer, touting the fight as a chance for a "nobody" to become a "somebody". The match is supposed to be easily won by Creed, but someone forgot to tell Rocky, who sees this as his only shot at the big time.

Rocky Balboa is a kind-hearted and uneducated club fighter from Philadelphia whose main source of income is collecting debts for local crime boss, Gazzo.

Despite having talent, nobody believes that Rocky can make to the pros. He falls in love with his best friend's sister and everything seems to be going okay. But things just get better as the reigning champion's opponent gets injured and Rocky is chosen to take his place because of his nick-name, "the Italian Stallion. Rocky Balboa is a struggling boxer failing to make it big time. Despite his true talent and his inability to admit defeat, his friends and his coach, Micky, never give him the time of day.

With his shot at glory in front of him, Rocky trains harder than he thought was possible in order to earn his own self-respect and go the distance. Rocky Balboa, a small-time boxer from working-class Philadelphia, is arbitrarily chosen to take on the reigning world heavyweight champion, Apollo Creed, when the undefeated fighter's scheduled opponent is injured.

While training with feisty former bantamweight contender Mickey Goldmill, Rocky tentatively begins a relationship with Adrian, the wallflower sister of his meat-packer pal Paulie.

Rocky Balboa is a small-time boxer who lives in an apartment in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and his career has so far not gotten off the canvas. Rocky earns a living by collecting debts for a loan shark named Gazzo, but Gazzo doesn't think Rocky has the viciousness it takes to beat up deadbeats.

Rocky still boxes every once in a while to keep his boxing skills sharp, and his ex-trainer, Mickey, believes he could've made it to the top if he was willing to work for it.

Rocky, goes to a pet store that sells pet supplies, and this is where he meets a young woman named Adrian, who is extremely shy, with no ability to talk to men. Rocky befriends her. Adrain later surprised Rocky with a dog from the pet shop that Rocky had befriended. Adrian's brother Paulie, who works for a meat packing company, is thrilled that someone has become interested in Adrian, and Adrian spends Thanksgiving with Rocky.

Later, they go to Rocky's apartment, where Adrian explains that she has never been in a man's apartment before. Rocky sets her mind at ease, and they become lovers. Current world heavyweight boxing champion Apollo Creed comes up with the idea of giving an unknown a shot at the title.

Apollo checks out the Philadelphia boxing scene, and chooses Rocky. Fight promoter Jergens gets things in gear, and Rocky starts training with Mickey.If we can't tunnel through the Earth, how do we know what's at its center? What evidence does Coutu use to support her claim that improvisation requires resilience. A lady introduce her husband's name with saying by which can stop or move train what is that name.

rocky 2 summary

All Rights Reserved. The material on this site can not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with prior written permission of Multiply. Hottest Questions. Previously Viewed. Unanswered Questions. Pontiac Trans Am. What happened to the trans am rocky drove in rocky II?

Wiki User I heard that the car is still in Philly in a garage somewhere. Also, the garbage can that was hit is also with it. The scrape is still on the car. Sorry, don't know where or who owns it. It used to be in a garage in Philly. I still own it, and it now resides in NJ. The car is in philly it still has a scrape on it from garbage cans It was a Pontiac Trans Am, probablysince that was the year the movie was made.

Asked in Headlights Tail and Brake Lights Why is a firebird taillight different then a trans am? The taillight of a Firebird is different from that of a Trans Am because several different models were made that year. This was to present the complete overhaul to the Trans Am that the company did that year.

Asked in Pontiac Trans Am Wiring diagram for trans am tach? Rocky Carson was born in Ian 'Rocky' Butler was born in Yes, a Firebird tail light will fit a Trans Am.

There are also restoration services if you have the tail lights and they just need to be repaired.

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